Work Like You're On Vacation

Does This Sound Familiar?

Do you spend the day responding to the needs of everyone else but never get to your own work?  

Do you "do" a lot of work, but never complete the work that matters?  

Do you struggle to tune out all of the distractions and interruptions?  

Is your inbox determining your day?

Dealing With Distractions

Multitasking had a long run. For awhile it was seen as a badge of honor. People were admired for how much they could seemingly do at once.  

Fortunately this is beginning to shift.

We see that multitasking is not only less revered, but studies are showing how detrimental it can be.  

Splitting our attention between tasks is actually impossible to maintain due to the limits on our attention bandwidth. Attempts to shift from task to task, requires not only a mental shift, but a neurobiological switch to be thrown. The negative effects of which are increasingly detrimental to our memory, and other cognitive functioning. These effects negatively impact our decision making, and thus our work and our life.

Other People's Agendas

You are constantly giving away your time.

The minute you open Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The minute you open your inbox or respond to the ping of your phone or the red dot in the corner of an app, you have given your time to someone else.  

We have convinced ourselves that we are somehow indispensable, behaving as if we are "on-call" and available at a moments notice for whoever wants our attention.

It's time to back your attention and direct it where YOU want it.

Remote Work is Challenging

Whether you've worked remotely for years or it's entirely new, managing our time and attention is even more difficult.

Time, space, and distractions are entirely different.

We need principles and methods to help us focus and direct our attention in new ways.

Put Success In Your Way

Work Like You're On Vacation is rooted in a core principle called Put Success In Your Way. The methods you will learn, help you to shape your approach to each day, reclaiming your time to accomplish what matters in order to leave each day feeling more successful.

You will learn to use your Willpower more effectively. You will learn to make better Decisions. You will learn how to use Habits to your advantage.  

Chris Brogan and I have used the methods and principles of Work Like You're On Vacation in our business every day for years.

Working remotely, without the structure of a typical business environment requires Discipline. It requires an understanding of how to set yourself up to be productive and accomplish goals that move your business forward.  

Having worked for years in various office environments, the demands on your time are great. WLOV helps you and your team manage the constant demands and create opportunities to do the work you need to do.

"WLOV feels like a long lost missing link for so many Innovation Creatives wanting to create big impact in the world in a way that honors their need for freedom and flexibility." - Aime Miyamoto

"WLOV is all about ways to make the change. From the start WLOV reframes what we normally associate with productivity. So, Willpower, Habits, Decisions, and Distractions are recast in a new light. Once we understand the typical elements associated with productivity often don't help, it opens the door to change. So, ideas like putting success in your way, systems, restarting, and frameworks support us in taking a new approach -- one that works!! - Walter Akana

Here's an Overview

WLOV01 - Put Success In Your Way

WLOV04 - Small Bites, Big Results

WLOV02 - Decisions are a Distraction

WLOV05 - Measure, Dump, and Refine

WLOV03 - You Are the Architect of Your System

WLOV06 - EXTRA - Getting Better

WLOVB1 - Bonus: Tips, Tricks, and Tools

WLOV07 - Put Success In Your Way, Again

Bite Sized Learning

  • Our courses are built to be modular, easy to consume, and action-minded. We know you’re busy and don’t have time to sink too deeply into a course. This is built for you to be able to push play, follow along in the download materials, and implement all this information in chunks where you can. 
  • We built it for you the way we ourselves would need to consume and use all this information. Why? Because we’re owners like you and we get it. We’re busy with work and family and we don’t have hours at a time to sit down and absorb all the guts of a learning module. 
  • The video is playable on demand and the documents that accompany the course are easy to download and use at your leisure. 

Work Like You're On Vacation

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