My 3 Words for 2020

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How do you plan for the coming year? What helps? How do you break the cycle of repeating past mistakes without realizing it until December every year? I can help because in 2006, I invented a way that thousands and thousands of people have adopted as their own personal ritual to start and then plan out each year.  

Why Do We All Get it Wrong?  

Humans love to make plans and then forget about them. Partly, it’s because we see how plans can crumble:  

“Man plans. God laughs.” - unknown  

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” - Mike Tyson  

It’s also because a plan presumes that everything will stay exactly as it was when we formed the plan. Nothing moves. No one changes anything. That’s not life. Life is movement.  

Resolutions are like plans. They don’t work. They’re static.

So What Can We Do?  

The idea I came up with when I made up #my3words was really simple. I figured that if I had 3 guideposts, 3 lighthouses to aim at, or maybe 3 tools to calibrate my efforts.  

But if it were as easy as saying “choose any 3 words and your future will be better,” everyone would have done this years ago without me. It’s not. There’s work to be had.  

My 3 Words Webinar  

In this webinar, we’ll do the following:  

  • Briefly explain the concept
  • Explore why words are power software
  • Review past 3 words options
  • Discuss your 3 words choices for 2020
  • Select working models for our 3 words
  • Permission dispensation
  • A reset ritual  

I’ve done this webinar for the past several years and each time, it’s powerful and revelatory. We will get to places in your experiences that will shake up explanations of the past, will give you insights into where to look for the future.  

I can personally track my successes and my failures to either adhering or abandoning my 3 words, and I’ll share with you my insights as to why, what and how that happens so that you’ll be even better equipped than I was for success. 

Please sign up and join me. This is a celebration and a powerful opportunity cleverly hidden inside a webinar.  

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