Personal Brand 2020

 A one-hour webinar with Chris Brogan

It’s so hard to be seen these days. It feels like for every opportunity out there, a dozen or a hundred others are vying for their shot at it, as well. It’s not enough to just do good work. You have to be seen, appreciated, and known for something.  

More recently, the time of the generalist seems to have passed. Just like restaurants with large menus are now losing out to those who sell a few items done well, people seem to be seeking very specific skills and knowledge instead of the “all in one” requirements of years past. Your ability to stand out is more important than ever.  

But how can you actually reach people? Where can you catch their attention? And what you can say quickly to earn even one minute of consideration?  

Personal Brand 2020  

In this webinar, I’ll walk you through observations gathered over the last twenty years of working in digital media. From what worked in the old days, to what I told the big guys like Coke and Sony and Microsoft, to what’s actually working today.  

Did you know that only one major social network added users over the last year according to Edison Research? Does that even matter to your business? Let’s find out!  

What do people really want when they go looking for someone like you to help them? Most people’s attempts to brand their own business make absolutely fatal mistakes in one very vital area.  

Most importantly, what’s changed over the last handful of years and what do you need to have in place to make 2020 a killer year for your business?  

Want to See the Agenda?  

Here’s what I’ll cover during the webinar:  

  • The differences between big company branding and personal branding 
  • What’s changed in branding over the years
  • What the big guys want that smaller companies can do better
  • Elements of a personal brand
  • Big ideas and their iterations
  • The snack, the show, and the letter 
  • Which platforms are best for which kinds of interactions  

And of course, we’ll cover your questions.  

Ready to tune up your brand and get it to make more sense to that person who skims everything and doesn’t pay enough attention? Want to turn that glimpse into a next action?  

Join me!  

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