Imagine a home designed to serve you. 

Kineo Homes provide simple, affordable, smart home solutions to fit your lifestyle.

 Our climate resilient, energy efficient designs combined with solar, micro-grid energy distribution provides a safe, healthy, worry-free experience. Live the life you want. 

Don't just change where you live. Change how you live.


About Us

Kineo Homes seeks to positively impact the Maine economic landscape by developing and leveraging smart-home and micro-grid technologies integrated with next-generation housing to create affordable, energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable communities.

Kineo Homes are designed to attract and retain a generation of young Maine professionals shaped by technology, the Great Recession, and tangible threats of climate change.

The project will be developed, engineered, and constructed by Maine innovators and workers creating a dynamic workforce across many industries for years.

Units will be constructed from sustainable, carbon-sequestering materials, available in Maine. A radical re-imagining of construction and delivery will ensure quality, efficiency, and durability at a competitive cost. 

Through the integration of innovative distributed energy technologies, our smart-home experience insulates consumers from the risks of an aging electric grid and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. 

Our partners, OPAL Architects and Introspective Systems further utilize Maine’s resources bringing technological innovation to the housing market.  

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