The Power of Simple Decisions in a Distracted World.

Attention! Is a practical guide for reclaiming the power of our time and attention. This book will help you reframe your relationship with the demands on your time, overcome decision fatigue, and understand the value of creating space.

Rob Hatch sets out a powerful framework and flexible approach that gives you the space to focus your attention on what is important, the power to make decisions aligned with your goals, and the ability to take action with confidence.

"Rob breaks down the "psychology of habits" into simple, practical, actionable steps. This is a useful read in which you can make highlights, take notes, and put a lot of stickies on pages to follow-up on in your journey to get more organized and focused on your professional goals. As a psychologist, I commend Rob in his effort to break down the complex to simple for anyone feeling "stuck". The book is peppered with authentic narratives, client stories, and a book design (additional spacing) that makes it a quick read. 2 Thumbs Way Up!"

Awards and Recognition

Best Business Book - Business Book Awards - Shortlist

#1 Best Seller - Social Media

#1 Best Seller - Social Aspects of Technology

#1 Best Seller - General Technology and Reference

What people are saying.

"ATTENTION! is a spiritual call to intentionality and a neurological commitment to a practical minimalism. From opening premise to page layout, Rob Hatch's examples of personal pain points stoke the embers of curiosity and self-examination while each page turned promises to bring the reader to the Zen-like conclusion that less is more."

Robbie Grayson - Traitmarker

"Rob Hatch has created something new in a crowded field: a flexible method that reframes how we can do our best work better. Because he built these frameworks for himself and his own struggles, they're simple and practical. Because he's been teaching them to hundreds of people, you know they work. I use these methods myself and with my team. It gives us the flexibility to be freely creative in our creative work and solidly productive in our structured work."

Becky McCray -

"Rob has been telling me these ideas for more than a decade. As he's learned the concepts and tested them, he's taught them. More significantly, he's lived them. I've eaten his breakfast sandwiches when visiting his family. I've listened to the conversations with his family and seen the growth across time. I've watched his example and been shaped. I'm grateful that this approach to attentiveness is now available to people beyond Rob's friends and clients. I can testify that it's grounded in a deep caring for the people around him."

Jon Swanson

"With Attention!, Rob Hatch offers an inspiring and practical guide that can support us all with putting greater success in our way. So many of us currently find ourselves living in a constant state of information overload and distraction that hinders our ability to focus on the things that matter most. The cutting-edge tools and frameworks included in this book help transform anxiety, overwhelm, and decision fatigue into new empowered habits that can lead to confident intentional action towards more meaningful success. This book should be considered essential reading if you are seeking to more effectively leverage your time, energy, and effort for the most impactful outcomes in these rapidly changing times."

Aime Miyamoto, Business Alignment Consultant

Rob Hatch brings a unique blend of knowledge and background in the field of Human Development with his experience as a successful business leader and executive coach. His weekly newsletter is read by tens of thousands of individuals all over the world. His personal style and ability to incorporate the latest research, as well as stories and lessons from his daily life and others, serve as a dose of weekly wisdom and inspiration. As a speaker, trainer, and coach, Rob works primarily with business leaders and teams, guiding them through critical transitions in their organization.

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