Look Alive in the Age of Always Video

 A one-hour webinar with Chris Brogan

No One ASKED To Be On Video All The Time Every Day

The quarantine hit and suddenly every company that could let you work from home had set you up with several Zoom video meetings a day and more check-in and status calls than you’ve ever had in your life. We are ALL suddenly finding ourselves having to adapt new methods of communication, not least among these being video.

Maybe you run your own business and haven’t had to do a whole slew of Zoom meetings. But your customers are wondering lots of things about your business and you’ve not come on to help them know what’s next and how you’re adapting through the various phases of the pandemic. 

How Hard Can It Be? You Open Your Laptop and Go

The technology is one thing: you’d benefit from a better camera and a decent microphone, and you need some knowledge of lighting or everything will look horrendous. 

It’s the application of what you can and should be doing with video and how to get it done that we’ll focus most on in this new webinar: Look Alive in the Age of Always Video. 

What We’ll Cover In This New Webinar

Join me for an instructional session on everything you need to consider for integrating video more simply into your day to day business communications regimen. 

  • Hardware at home: camera, microphone and lighting tips
  • Your smartphone, your pal
  • Video meetings versus video marketing
  • How to promote your business simply on video
  • What people are looking for from your video
  • How to practice before anyone else sees
  • How to interview someone and
  • How to be interviewed (and you need this)
  • Live video 
  • Editing for people who hate editing
  • Topics and routines for getting even more video value
  • Where this all goes in the next few years and why you can’t avoid video any longer
  • Your questions

You’re Going to Want to Rewatch This One

I can tell there’ll be a lot to it. You can and should show up live. But we send you the recordings the very next day and you want to look at that a few times, too. That way, You can pause, take notes, and really consider some of this for your personal needs. 

I promise you’ll find it useful. 


(Yes, it will be recorded) 

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Tuesday, July 21st

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